MHS Class of 2021: you may register for a Student Profile at any time!

The 2021 Marshall Scholarship submission/application window was 

February 12 - March 12, 2021.

The MSF scholarship workshop has gone virtual for 2021. To get started, watch our 3 short YouTube videos about the scholarship application process:

A. Getting Started (5:38):

B. Essay Tips and Tricks (4:48):

C. Final Steps in Applying via Dollars For Scholars (3:12):

Then, mark your calendars and make plans to attend the MSF Application Q&A night. This session will be from 6:30-7:30pm on February 24. We will be live on "Google Meet" to help answer your scholarship application questions. The link for this live session is:

Finally, please make sure you turn in a signed copy of the MSF release form to the high school guidance counselor. Copies of the form will be available in the high school office. MSF cannot award scholarships to you without a signed copy of this form.


The Dollars for Scholars ChapterNet Student Dashboard is your "one-stop shop" for everything related to Marshall Scholarship Foundation scholarships. Start by creating your Student Profile. Your profile will be used to match you to different scholarship opportunities. 

You must complete your student profile in order to apply for Marshall Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars scholarships, to be able to see scholarship opportunities from Scholarship America's nationwide partners, and to be able to view scholarship opportunities from Fastweb. Use the "Click to Login" button at the bottom of this page to get started. But first, read the tips below.

Tips on creating your profile:

1. When creating your student profile, use a permanent personal email. DO NOT use your Marshall High School email address. This email address and the basic profile you create will be used to establish your eligibility for not only local scholarships but all available scholarships in the Scholarship America database. Your profile can be updated/edited at any time, but please be aware, once you submit it for consideration for a particular scholarship, you will not be able to make changes to that particular scholarship submission.​

2. It is important to fill out all sections of the profile completely and verifiably.

3. DO NOT state your name anywhere in the profile or in your essay responses.

4. DO take some time and provide thoughtful responses to the essay questions. These essays will help us to get to know what makes you special and why you are a good candidate for a scholarship award. There is no limit on the length or the number of words in your essays, but it is helpful to be concise. 

5. In the Test Score section, only list your highest composite ACT or SAT score.

6. Enter all activities, sports, clubs, and work experience, as well as all academic awards and recognitions you have had in high school only. Do not list any middle school activities or experiences.

7. Financial information is NOT required to be eligible for Marshall Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars scholarships. 

8. All applicants must sign a release form, and if under 18, a parent/guardian must also sign the Permission to Release Information form. The form is available here, as well as in the Marshall High School office. Return this form to the Marshall High School office.

9. The counselor verification will be completed AFTER our local submission deadline and will be sent and loaded to your profile electronically.

10. The scholarships available through the Marshall Scholarship Foundation do not require written references. Do not submit them with your profile. Some national scholarships may require these items. If so, just submit them to those scholarships when applying. No additional documents are needed or will be accepted for local scholarships. 

* Other References: You may find a scholarship opportunity on your student dashboard that asks for an additional reference or recommendation. Please read the requirements for that scholarship and enter the appropriate information for the reference or recommendation that that particular scholarship is looking for. If you are asked to provide a recommendation from your local Dollars for Scholars chapter, please enter Bonnie Ernst and the following Marshall Scholarship Foundation email: (copy and paste email address into new email).

Notes about the Scholarship America resources:

* As you work on your profile make sure to check the "My Scholarships" tab to be alerted to further eligibility requirements and to view scholarship opportunities and SUBMIT your profile for scholarships.

* Logging into the Student Dashboard will also give you access to volunteer and internship opportunities, important news about college life, and exclusive resources to help you manage your money, succeed in college, and take advantage of everything Dollars for Scholars has to offer.

* For additional help filling out the Student Profile, click here.

* For additional help filling out the Parent Section of the Student Profile, click here.

Additional resources:

* Click here to "Opt-In" to receive information on national scholarship opportunities from FASTWEB.

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