Kristina Kleinschmidt 

Marshall Scholarship Foundation is excited to celebrate their 15th year of awarding scholarships to Marshall High School graduates. Our foundation was organized in 2004 and awarded our first scholarships in 2005. Marshall Scholarship Foundation's Board of Directors recently talked about those first scholarship recipients from 15 years ago and wondered. . . . .where are they now?

We were able to contact former scholarship recipient Kristina Kleinschmidt, who graduated from Marshall High School in 2007 and was awarded the Roelof and Wilma Kraak Family Scholarship. Kristina attended University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a Certificate in Business.

In addition to the Roelof and Wilma Kraak Family Scholarship facilitated by Marshall Scholarship Foundation, Kristina recalls that she may have received about nine other scholarships. The scholarships she received helped ease the burden of supporting herself through college with minimal help from her parents. She worked two or three jobs while attending the university. Her hard work was worth it, as Kristina reported that she has just recently celebrated making her final student loan payment!

Even with limited resources, Kristina was able to take advantage of an opportunity to study abroad for three months in Sydney Australia. She did some traveling through Australia while she was there. Afterward, Kristina flew to New Zealand and traveled and lived out of a van for 2 1/2 weeks.

Sometimes plans change and Kristina said, "I changed my major three different times; luckily I had not officially declared, so it made it easier, but it did mean that I had to take an extra year and finished in five years rather than four". She started out as an art major with an end goal in graphic design. Kristina then pursued entering the Business School and finally entered the Journalism School. She graduated from the university in 2012, having followed the Strategic Communications track. 

Since then Kristina has applied that degree working in advertising. She has worked at three different ad agencies in the Milwaukee area. She now works at an ad agency located in Milwaukee's Third Ward, about a half-mile from the Summerfest grounds. Kristina reported that she is involved in Client Services and helps manage communication between her firm's clients and the internal staff. 

Kristina has continued to travel, having visited numerous states around the country. She said, "it is our goal to visit all of the national parks". Kristina lived in Montana for two years via a fantastic work opportunity; she helped open an office in Helena. She said that her and her boyfriend,Trevor are hoping to get back out west in the next year or two. 

For now, Kristina lives just on the border of Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. She works part-time at a spin studio, and has recently become a certified Lesmills Bodypump instructor, and has also set a goal to run 1,000 miles this year. Kristina says, "I participate non-competitively with my dog Koda in agility workshops, and we try to get out hiking and camping as much as possible. We're also big gardeners and enjoy road biking". 

When asked what advice Kristina would give Marshall High School graduates, she said, "Set big goals and make a realistic plan for how to hit them. If you find out as you're reaching for those dreams that they're not quite what you thought, try to pinpoint what is missing from reality vs. what you envisioned and possibly reset how you're framing the goal or how you're achieving it. If it still doesn't feel right, you can always set new goals!!" 

Marshall Scholarship Foundation wishes Kristina Kleinschmidt happy travels. As the Dr. Seuss book titled "Oh, the Places You'll Go" begins, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose".  We are happy to have helped Kristina reach her goals as a scholarship recipient, and excited to have this update on "where is she now?" Congratulations, Kristina on all that you have achieved since your graduation from Marshall High School! 

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